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ShOw ReViEwS

you're just another pretty face-in a room full of whores-no you don't mean much-used to be so naive,-catatonic now you seem to be-so much better than before-now you've made a mess of yourself-youve made a mess of everything -you're a mess-a fuckin' mess-dumb dumb dizzy dizzy-dumb dumb dizzy dizzy...

AiGhTy! tHiS pAgE iS gOnnA b All AbOuT hOw ThE sHoWs wEnT hErE wHeRe i LiVe wHiCh B iN BoStOn. bUt iF u WaNNa sEnD a ReViEw aBoUt a ShOw FrOm A DiFF. ArEa tHeN EmAiL mE! iT cOuLd B fRoM BoStOn tOO. jUsT gO tO tHe CoNtAcT mE pAgE. hErE b ThE FiRsT rEviEw.

MaRcH 3, WoRcEsTeR PaLLaDiUm, WoRcEsTeR MASS

okies this show was just amazing. i mean it was worth the wait (3 yrs!!!). so there were 4 bands. Tinfed was first, im sorry they sukked so bad i actually fell asleep when i was sittin on the stairs (LOL). so next was Alien Ant Farm, and now im on the floor and very close to the stage (like 3 row, next to the railin whole time). They were great. Best part was when they did a cover of "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson. i got to meet the lead singer and hug him (=D). Then SpineShank came on. now that is one hell of a good band. they did an amazing performance and really got the crowd going CRAZY. but now it was time for ORGY. bobby came out first and flashed his bootyful chest to the crowd (orgasmic). the show started off with "vapor transmission (intro)" and worked their way into "suckerface". amir and ryan got the guitars they wanted; the guitars lit up and shot lasers into the audience (sweet). they then did did "dissention", "stitches", "saving faces", "opticon", "fiction". when they played "blue monday" durin the last verse jonny (wearin a feather boa jacket) from Spineshank and dryden from Alien Ant Farm came out and sang with jay. even paige sang too! then they sang "where's gerrold" and"107". They did an encore and did "eva" (surprisingly) and "pantomine". Their set was filled with lots of laser beams and lights. it was like a laser show. but that night was the best night of my life!!

uR ReViEw

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"Vapor Transmission Tour" CANCELLED and "Raid the Nation Tour" REPLACED. check news section for reasons.

dates that orgy missed will not b reschduled til may or june.