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if it stayed i'd never leave it-if that turned around-i'd grieve-the special dirty things -that we used to talk about-i mean that -loving you is strange -and adored by me throughout-oh no its you again-someday soon you'll find that someone-waiting for the chance to beat you-drooling on the set to feel you, -blessing you with every kiss-c h o r u s :tying yourself to me-stitch up my emptiness-'cause you're the death of me-so precious; loving the thrill-such the patient one who needs me-the spoiled one who wins-so shocking where's your sense-don't you know-i hate you so-unsatisfied, you little girl-c h o r u s x2-rolling dice-and seeming queer-bastard love-a sick affair-let's see what new disease you'll fetch,-i mean that fucking you is strange-and adored by me throughout-oh it's you again-blessing you with every kiss-so precious you know-this hate of mine exploded-i'm so deranged you know-i will never be the same...

yeah i decided im better off puttin a seperate page for fansites. i knot he list will grow and i dont want related links to b all long and whatnot. so yeah this page is all about the fansites. u wanna b on the list? send me the URL via email, AIM, or however u contact me.



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