here will b my lovely random artwork. its basically all japanese animation unless i found something that wasnt...which is rare. but yeah its all sailor moon cept for few. ill put tons more bc i have millions of these types of drawings. but for now ill start with what i have on my comp. *PLEASE AGAIN IGNORE THE BLACK DOTS*THESE R GIFS*

this is adorable little ChibiChibi. hehe i love drawing her!

another drawing of ChibiChibi.

again ChibiChibi

nice japanimation of david silveria of KoRn.

this is Princess Fireball; this is one of my best drawings.

this is Hotaru;i love all my drawings of her

again hotaru.

this is hotaru and rini together

this is rini.

and this is rini in transformation

this is a good one; i cant find the one thats on plain paper but all i found was the one i drew on lined paper. still good though.