well in this section imma just tell u all bout my friends. not anythin juicy or personal but...u kno wha i mean. if u wanna c pics of them, go to the *pictures* page, and hopefully ill get some up.

marisa~truely a one-of-a-kind girl. i love this girl a lot and she is one of the nicest, generous, trustin friend i have ever met, even though i never met her in real-life. and no she is not some stalker killer otherwise i would have been dead by now.

ashley k.~another best friend of mines. u and ur many obsessions with guys i mean crushes. *hehe* but yeah ur funny, U R STRANGE *muahahaha*. and im not kiddin. even though u can b super shy and u DO annoy me at times*i kno u do it on purpose*, but ur great to hang with and u dont ruin anyone's funtime!

alejandra aKa "dumass"~*muahahaha* again another best friend in love with a 40 year old man who wears depends *other words Amir Derakh of the sexy band orgy; jk!!!* god u r so funny when we talk about a certain some1. *hehe* even though i verbally abuse u *u kno im kiddin* and we get into fights, we just do it for fun hehe. but hun u need to get over that 40-year old man!!

dennis~remember when we would get into those vicious fights? oohh those were the days hehe. but we still r good friends. just that well im a bit as u say "psycho". but im not im normal...i swear. ur always good to talk to.

trent~u sexy bitch!! *lol* yeah we started rough when u were friends with that scarin lookin guy named "chris" but now u r such a sweetie. even though all my friends think ur a 40 yr old stalker who plans to rape and kill me, i kno ur not! =D! *lol* ur kool. gotta meet ya one of these days though...

victoria~hey u said we would have sex with johnny knoxville! whens that happenin!?! *lol* jk. u can b weird (who isnt) but ur a great girl to hang with.

nikki~love those pool parties man! *hehe* wha to say...well like every other person; ur kickass! and dont worry bout some people. just dont sweat the small stuff. other than that u'll somehow manage to get kenny and soup under control *hopefully*. hehe.

julie~AMIR IS 40 YEARS OLD!!!!! *lol* but hey they r sexy bitches! well amir isnt as sexy as sexy sexy ryan shuck! okies let me stop myself b4 i get into detail. i love ur site its awesome! and ur fun to hang with! i'll c u @ vans (u'll b there right?).

thomas~wha can i say. u r the funniest guy i've ever met! especially when we talk about a certain girl...cant say who but im pretty sure u kno who im talkin bout. hehe.

alex~u shitface mother fuckin male slut!! *lol* jk....no im not actually. *muahahaha* ur kool man, even though we fight all the time. but w/e ur still kool.

damian~crackhead. brush ur teeth!!

jessica~oh ur such a sweet girl! i can never get mad @ u. ur just too...blah i dont kno *lol*. u just keep drummin and hopefully u and fairmount will make it as a band. =)

soup~u r so weird. *hehe* cant wait to put up that pic i got of u! math class lookin all stupid! *muahahaha* and i will burn that pic of me. u'll never see it and neither will anyone else!

tom~god boy u need to come online more often! *hehe* but ur kool, even though again u were friends with that weirdo name "chris" and was mean to me at first. but w/e just come on more so i can talk to u more!

**if i left anyone out im sorry!! email me or im me on AIM and bitch to me! but only bout that hehe**