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You're light bright and animated-A demolition color scheme-Mismatched and complicated-Who put the hex on Mr. X-Living in a bigtop dimension-You're the stalker of the mini world-Trapped in wonder land suspension-Transmissions from the micronaut girl-Where are you now-And we'd like to think you found your own way home-On your own-Where's Gerrold now-You're a visual illusion, like Christmas,-A trend setter for the color blind-A think fast colution, no way out-Washed away with the crimson tide-Transglobal spectacle with post mortem fame-Popsicle cannibal-Can you hear me-Rainbow dementia smiles, everyone smiles-The small realities, a pixie playland-Can you find yourself in bright lights flashing-Cover my eyes-I'm feeling sick, I'm getting paranoid-Find yourself-With bright lights flashing-Bright lights flashing-I'm feeling paranoid...

IF u r lookin for my orgy page u got the right addy. BUT i decided to remove and get rid of it b/c frankly im tired of having a fansite. this is gonna b a BIG personal site. i appreciate all the support i got from u guys. (^.^). so for now im re-constructing this site. come back soon!


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? i'm DOWN with all fresh produce ?

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