nicknames~lily, lilz, ryana, lily lady



living environment~boston

skool~headin into 10th grade

b-day~october 25 1985 (im 15 to those who dont feel like doins ome math)

fave bands~orgy, tool, weezer, limp bizkit, *NSYNC, britney spears, mindless self indulgence, spineshank, marilyn manson, nine inch nails, a perfect circle, KoRn (old skool), crazytown, no doubt, blink-182, static-x, incubus, alien ant farm, tons more...

fave tv shows~(when i actually DO watch tv) simpsons, south park, real world, road rules, thats my bush and saturday night live.

fave color~pink fave orgy song~odyssey, dizzy, wheres gerrold, opticon, 107, saving faces, dissention,blue monday, stitches, re-creation.

fave non-orgy songs~well anything right now by weezer and static-x

fave orgy member~ryan shuck *ooo la la so sexy...*

fave movies~evolution, scary movie, south park, scream, big daddy, urban legend, the matrix, the craft, the cell, star wars, the virgin suicides, interview with the vampire, bram stroker's dracula, the animal, uhh and i cant think of any others at the moment.

things that piss me off~

where shall i start...skool, preppies (not all few r nice), abercrombie & fitch (dude they look like old used shirts plus they smell), followers, tommy hilfiger (i frankly dont give a shit if i spelled his name wrong i think hes a self-centered selfish racist bastard; THERE R OTHER COLORS BESIDES WHITE!!), posers, people who wont get over that i am not their friend anymore*u kno who u r*, people who think they r fat and ugly when they r not *u kno who u r*, people who use other people *u kno who u r*, two-faced people, hypocrites, people who think they r "the shit" when they r not, people who hate others and then act like they r best friends (c'mon if u dont like the goddamn person dont talk shit bout them and dont b like "we're great friends"), my computer, AOL, people who tell me i cant like a certain type of music bc it would make me a "poser" (i dont have to like one type of music; i like w/e i think sounds good), people who hate gay people (if u do dont even talk to me; in fact leave my site NOW! u homophobic asshole! gay people r soo nice and no different from anybody else), backstreet boys, jessica simpson, christina aguilera's looks (her songs r good; shes a great singer; but too much make-up and hair is TOO MUCH!), people who ruin movies by tellin me the endings, people who r annoying, and well i think i'll stop my rantin there.