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jhonen V.

u just want me for my brain. ME BRAIN!!!

alright this page is completely dedicated to the fab and talented and odd yet sexy jhonen vasquez! how i came bout to like him was first b/c of his show invader ZIM *gir ish my dAwG.* then i remembered he has a comic series out called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. read one issue and fell in love. jhonen, ur a genius and i NEVER thought id come to kno of such a guy like u. *teehee* dammit y must u b like all famous and stuff. cant find any guy like u here in bOsToN.

ok so i dunt kno wha to put on this page but my drawings of me and my friend johnnized, and my other re-draws of some of my fave scene or w/e from the comic JTHM or I Feel Sick. I'll include pics of jhonen and umm i dunt wanna like put up lil fave scenes from the comic series for fear of being SUED and HATED by jhonen which i do not want. so i guess fer now is drawings info and pics.


Copyright all drawings here that were re-drawn from a certain scene from the comics JTHM, I Feel Sick, Squee!, and Invader ZIM were not originally created by me, liliana, they were CREATED BY JHONEN VASQUEZ, and ONLY JHONEN VASQUEZ, the incredibly fucked up in the head mastermind behind JTHM, I Feel Sick, Squee!, and Invader ZIM. FULL CREDIT GOES TO THAT MAN. *ok jhonen dont sue me now*